Mulshi Dam

Mulshi Dam is located on Mula  river en route to Lavasa, this served  as a good pit stop before driving up hill. Luckily I was allowed to go close to the dam.  It was a beauty  to stand there feel the misty water hitting my face on a warm sunny arternoon.

PS:  There was a security just opposite the road monitoring people who visited the dam. I was asked not to go very close to the dam as there was no official who could swim if an accident occurred.


Sunrise Dubai

Sunrise Dubai, originally uploaded by Vidya Click’s.

Beaches and Sunrise never fail to excite me. I love the feeling of standing on shore and let my feet drench in the waves while slightly chilled and humid breeze hit my face.

With much joy I hopped of the bed early morning to hit the beach and see the sunrise in Dubai but I was disappointed to see the effect of the tall sky scraper buildings constructed next to the beach. They have eaten up all the waves leaving the still standing water on the shore.