German Bee Sting Cake

DSC_6769My first post as a part of We kneed to bake Group that’s organised by Aparna Balasubramanian every month.

Thanks Aparna, it was great experience baking this.  Hope to bake more exciting stuff in 2014.


Sweet Mischief’s

DSC_6718This year will be the first year of setting up a Christmas Tree at home, Although we don’t celebrate at home as a tradition and culture. I just thought it will be a good thing to start to celebrate the festivity.

Over the weekend I dressed up the tree a bit more and decided to hang some sweet ornaments, While vedant was asleep i quietly decorated the tree, as he woke up the first thing he did was to snap the sweets from the tree. He brought it to me and said “open -Close”.  I said “It doesn’t open and there is nothing in it”

Curious Vedant surely dint trust me on that. As i turn to him after few minutes of silence, I caught him chewing on his sweets.

He had dropped the sweets in a glass of water  and as the  paper tore apart he popped the sweet in his mouth.

I sit and wonder if he is just a smart kid or am I dumb mom?